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15 Ways to Celebrate Labor Day When You’re Unemployed

A three-day holiday weekend is a welcome reward, especially when you’re unemployed.  All of that sitting around can be exhausting! Just because you are currently between jobs doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate like the rest of the working class. So, get out there and enjoy it. You deserve it. And in case you are at a loss of things to do, here are 15 Labor Day activities for the non-working:

Sleep until noon.

Watch back-to-back episodes of Family Guy while you destroy an epic sandwich.

Sit outside in the sun on a plastic lawn chair and read 50 Shades Darker in an attempt to get two shades darker.

Paint your nails.

Devise a project for yourself—like making pineapple-infused vodka or a constructing an at-home swamp cooler.

Scour Craigslist for potential jobs.  Contemplate responding to the ad seeking a ‘Model with pretty feet for foot fetish videos.’  Imagine telling your friends that you’re a foot model

Update your Facebook status to, ‘Guess who’s America’s Next Top Foot Model?  *Points to self*.

Tweet some smart-ass blurb about how you wonder why anyone would spend over $500 to ‘express themselves’ in the desert orgy known as Burning Man.

Figure out any Nirvana song on guitar.

Calculate how many more months of rent you can still get out of your savings until you absolutely have to take a mundane job that actually pays the same or less than your unemployment benefits.

Sit on your couch and listen to your next-door neighbor hawk lung cookies at a rhythmic pace (approximately once every three minutes). Consider leaving decongestants on her doorstep.

Use your BevMo card to buy a 1.75 ML of top shelf vodka for under $25.  Remind yourself that you can still afford the finer things. Shake up cocktails at home and pour them into chilled martini glasses. Toast to the basil plant you just started growing.

Hit a two-for-one happy hour from 12 – 4 pm or 3 – 6 pm. Really, it doesn’t matter.

Fill out your EDD Continued Claim form.

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