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What’s the Saga? It’s Called ‘Songs For the Deaf.’

Yesterday marked the 10-year anniversary of Queens of the Stone Age’s third album Songs For the Deaf.  From its 40-second intro, which featured the sound of a key going into an ignition, a car door slamming and an engine running, you knew that you Joshua Homme, Nick Oliveri, guest drummer Dave Grohl and the rest of the crew were whisking you away on an epic adventure in mind-numbing rock. The journey continued throughout the album until they reached their final track “Mosquito Song,” where they allude to their next album title Lullabies to Paralyze in the lyrics. Songs For the Deaf also featured a number of other musicians/friends helping out Queens, including Natasha Shneider, Alain Johannes and Jeordie White (from Marilyn Manson). Rumor has it that Queens of the Stone Age has been back in the studio working on an album that’s set to be released in 2013.  Current drummer Joey Castill let it slip that the album may be called Ultraviolet Robot.  Stay tuned…  

For now, here’s my favorite song from QOTSA’s Songs For the Deaf album:

Go With the Flow

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