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15 Ways to Celebrate Labor Day When You’re Unemployed

A three-day holiday weekend is a welcome reward, especially when you’re unemployed.  All of that sitting around can be exhausting! Just because you are currently between jobs doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate like the rest of the working class. So, get out there and enjoy it. You deserve it. And in case you are at […]

A New Hollywood Saloon For Swillin’

Outpost, which opens this Thursday at 1624 N. Cahuenga, is a bar that’s straight out of the old West—decked with a whole mess of animal skulls and dark wood.  The menu boasts a number of tasty vittles, including Ranchero corn on the cob, pulled pork, wings, a Western bacon burger, plus a list of specialty […]

The Legion of Unemployed Drinkers

The Legion of Unemployed Drinkers

A couple of months ago, the marketing agency where I worked full-time laid off our entire creative team.  I was the Senior Copywriter.  I wrote about wine, vodka, baby food, rice, microprocessors, cell phones and other products that keep the economy flowing.  For five years, I spent many 40+hour weeks, late nights and several weekends […]