Because It’s Madonna’s 54th Birthday

Most menopausal women experience mood swings and hot flashes.  But not Ms. Madonna Louise Ciccone. Wait…scratch that. She probably does. She’s human, after all. But she’s not about to let excessive sweating and irritability stop her from making the world fall to their knees and succumb to her domination. When she’s not heating things with a […]

In Memoriam: Jani Lane

Warrant frontman/lead vocalist Jani Lane passed away a year ago today. This was his band’s best-known song and the #1 choice for hair band-loving strippers.

Listen Up: The Brian Jonestown Massacre’s “Wisdom”

This gorgeous song came out in 1995 from San Francisco band The Brian Jonestown Massacre. If you let it sink in, you may find Anton Newcombe’s alleviating voice and Dean Taylor’s moody guitar sending you into a sonic stupor.

Tomorrow: Downtown Summer Party at Down & Out and Coronados

Take a break from watching the Olympics, and catch some amazing bands play in Downtown LA for FREE.  I’m DJing at Down & Out after 5 pm.

Because It’s Will Ferrell’s Birthday

Will Ferrell makes me poop in my pants. That’s how funny I think he is. From his SNL impressions of George Bush, Robert Goulet and Alex Trebek to his classic roles as Frank “The Tank” in Old School, Ron Burgundy in Anchorman and many more, he consistently exponentiates the laughs in everything he touches—no matter how […]

Listen Up: Eminem & Nate Dogg’s “‘Till I Collapse”

This song is from Eminem’s 2002 critically-acclaimed album The Eminem Show. It’s also featured on the teaser trailer for the new Oliver Stone film Savages. I guess I’ve seen the trailer too much lately–because now, I can’t get this song out of my head. P.S. Salma Hayek seems pretty bad-ass in this flick.  Oh, and Blake Lively plays the […]

The Young Royals: Some Like It Loud

The Young Royals deliver a head rush of rock ‘n’ roll.  We’re talking gut-punch lyrics, reeling guitar riffs and melodies that stick. You want heavy?  These guys are the real deal.  Catch them tomorrow night at the House of Blues, opening for Steel Panther. In the meantime, here’s a morsel to tide you over. The […]

Paul Is Alive, and Today Is His Birthday

And in her eyes you see nothing, no sign of love behind the tears… This beautifully tragic song, “For No One,” was written by Paul McCartney for the Revolver album. Supposedly, he wrote the lyrics after a fight with his then-girlfriend Jane Asher about the slow death of their relationship. Musically and lyrically, it’s genius. Happy 70th […]

Because It’s Father’s Day

My dad has always been into music–The Beatles, The Doors, Johnny Cash, Blondie, Stevie Wonder, Queen and much more.  At any time of of the day, a record, tape or CD was playing in our house.  I attribute my immense love of music to him. This is one of the first songs I remember him […]

Just An Urchin Livin’ Under the Street

So, the “glorified Glee” film Rock of Ages, featuring an impressive ensemble cast, opens this weekend. It takes place on the Sunset Strip in 1987, amidst the stew of sex, booze, drugs and broken dreams. Sounds like it might be a good concept for a movie, right? Did I mention that Alec Baldwin and Russell […]