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Just An Urchin Livin’ Under the Street

So, the “glorified Glee film Rock of Ages, featuring an impressive ensemble cast, opens this weekend. It takes place on the Sunset Strip in 1987, amidst the stew of sex, booze, drugs and broken dreams. Sounds like it might be a good concept for a movie, right? Did I mention that Alec Baldwin and Russell Brand are gay lovers? While I know it’s based on the Broadway musical, and I realize that not everything has to be believable… Tom Cruise is a tatted-up rock star I’m going to bet no. 

In real life, there were many noisy, dirty, shirtless, beautiful things to rise from the muck of the Sunset Strip. Namely, hair metal. Ah, the days of teased hair and cheetah-print scarves. Here are five of my favorite bands who oozed the wanton, sleazy, leather-clad, don’t-give-a-fuck attitude of the 1987 Sunset Strip:

Guns ‘n’ Roses – It’s So Easy

Motley Crüe – Looks That Kill

Poison – Talk Dirty To Me

Great White – Save Your Love

Whitesnake – Still of the Night

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