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Because It’s Madonna’s 54th Birthday

Most menopausal women experience mood swings and hot flashes.  But not Ms. Madonna Louise Ciccone. Wait…scratch that. She probably does. She’s human, after all. But she’s not about to let excessive sweating and irritability stop her from making the world fall to their knees and succumb to her domination. When she’s not heating things with a fiery song ‘n’ dance nipple-pop action at her sold-out show in Instanbul, she’s kicking it with her 25-year-old French break dancer boyfriend Brahim.  She’s made out with a black Jesus, worn a cone bra designed by Jean Paul Gaultier, emulated Marilyn Monroe in Gentleman Prefer Blondes, covered her forehead and hand with henna tattoos and holds the unofficial record for humping and rolling around on a stage. She’s dated Warren Beatty, John F. Kennedy Jr., Vanilla Ice, Dennis Rodman, A-Rod and countless others, including  women. (I’m not implying that she gets around.  She’s just…ahem, *friendly.*) She married two brilliant men–Sean Penn and Guy Ritchie. She wrote a softcore porn book called Sex and authored a series of children’s books, which included The English Roses. Whether you like her or not—as a person, singer, songwriter, dancer or actress—you’ve got to admit, the woman has secured her position amongst the music aristocracy. Hopefully, she takes some time out today from conquering the world to enjoy a birthday cocktail and/or something that fits within her macrobiotic diet.

In honor of her birthday , here are my six favorite Madonna videos and live performances:


Like a Virgin 

Express Yourself 


Deeper and Deeper

Ray of Light

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