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Because It’s Madonna’s 54th Birthday

Most menopausal women experience mood swings and hot flashes.  But not Ms. Madonna Louise Ciccone. Wait…scratch that. She probably does. She’s human, after all. But she’s not about to let excessive sweating and irritability stop her from making the world fall to their knees and succumb to her domination. When she’s not heating things with a […]

Two Sticks and Extra Chocolate? Is It Mardi Gras?

If you lived for Gob’s magic tricks, Lindsey’s self-absorbed attempts at charity work, Buster’s secret affair with Lucille Austero, George-Michael’s not-so-secret crush on his cousin and never-nude Tobias’ stint as a Blue Man, you should check out Gallery 1988’s latest art opening, “There’s Always Money In the Banana Stand,” a tribute to Arrested Development.  It’s […]

Pop Goes the Art Gallery

Gallery 1988 on Melrose is a mecca for pop culture-themed art—from its annual “Under the Influence” show, which pays tribute to Stan Lee and the Beastie Boys to series that include “Cult Movie Art,” video game posters and more.  Opening Friday night and continuing through April 28th, it’s featuring “Just Like Us”—artwork by Mike Mitchell.  […]