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Because It’s Glenn Howerton’s Birthday

If Glenn Howerton was celebrating like his character “Dennis” from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, it might play out like this: Dennis decides to transform Paddy’s into a club for one night, pay an ex-con $200 to work the velvet rope and tell him to only allow hot chicks inside, so he could bang the three hottest ones […]

Get Toasted! (For National Grilled Cheese Day, That Is…)

In honor of National Grilled Cheese Day, I give you a simple recipe from that’s both spicy and cheesy–the pillars of deliciousness.  You’re welcome. Sautéed Jalapeño and Aged Jack Grilled Cheese INGREDIENTS 2 teaspoons vegetable oil 2 medium jalapeños, seeded and thinly sliced lengthwise 1 1/2 ounces grated aged Monterey Jack cheese (about 1/2 […]

Listen Up: Skillz’ “Take It Back”

Here’s an old school jam to get you bumpin’ on this hump day.  Originally released in 2004, this song was also on the “Never Not Fresh” compilation, featuring stellar tracks by hip-hop artists including Dilated Peoples, RJD2 and Jurassic 5.

Jason Spencer: I Am Killer Napkins

Internal organs spilling out from open gashes. Eyeballs bleeding from their sockets. Happy bears holding sad balloons. Cannibalistic fish and evil, grinning sharks. It’s illustration, sculpture, apparel design and painting that’s a potent cocktail of gory and whimsical, with just a splash of wit.  And it’s all from the warped vision of prolific artist Jason […]

Listen Up: 2:54’s “Scarlet”

There’s just something about this spellbinding, lethargic track from London’s 2:54.  Sisters Colette and Hannah Thurlow unknowingly foretell its impact with their moody lyrics, ‘Love, she said. It’s all I hear in my head’–because this song haunts you long after your first listen.  Find it and other heady melodies on their full-length self-titled debut, which […]

A New Hollywood Saloon For Swillin’

Outpost, which opens this Thursday at 1624 N. Cahuenga, is a bar that’s straight out of the old West—decked with a whole mess of animal skulls and dark wood.  The menu boasts a number of tasty vittles, including Ranchero corn on the cob, pulled pork, wings, a Western bacon burger, plus a list of specialty […]

The Joe Pesci of Pandas

What’s black and white and takes things a little TOO personally?  This guy. Looks like you just fucked with the wrong bear. Side note:  I’m thinking this might be a pretty cool Halloween costume…

Listen Up: Willis Earl Beal’s “Monotony”

I can’t get enough of this simple, yet hypnotically-beautiful song from Willis Earl Beal.  If you like his music, you can see him perform live at the Gene Autry Museum in L.A. on May 2.

Listen Up: Prinzhorn Dance School

This beguiling, evocative song is from Prinzhorn Dance School‘s five-song EP, available at iTunes on April 10, 2012.  Listen to it once, and it’ll get stuck in your head.  In a good way.

Because It’s Paul Rudd’s Birthday