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Because It’s Glenn Howerton’s Birthday

If Glenn Howerton was celebrating like his character “Dennis” from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, it might play out like this:

Dennis decides to transform Paddy’s into a club for one night, pay an ex-con $200 to work the velvet rope and tell him to only allow hot chicks inside, so he could bang the three hottest ones in a “ménage a Dennis”–a phrase he coins pre-party. His logic? Most guys do two; but he can do three. As the ‘brainy one’ of the group, Mac serves as Event Promoter by harassing attractive women on the street. Meanwhile, Frank creates horribly misunderstood flyers to pass out. Because he has an ear for music, Charlie volunteers to DJ and work the strobe lights–dressed in hot pants and leather boots. Drink specials include wine, tequila, jello shots and other liquid clothing removers. Since it’s also Dee’s birthday, she posts an ad for an after-hours male model casting call at Paddy’s on the same night–so she’ll have her pick of actor-types, who she can date to help her launch her career as an actress.

In real life, Glenn Howerton is probably very little like his character. In the few minutes I spoke to him at The Gaslite in Santa Monica, he seemed pleasant, down-to-earth and appreciative that his show has fans. [I approached him after he sang the karaoke version of “Georgia On My Mind” and told him I loved the show.] Then again, that was four years ago.  He could be a total dick now. Regardless, Happy Birthday Glenn! Here’s a clip from one of my favorite episodes:

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