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Listen Up: Les Savy Fav

From Tim Harrington’s sandpaper voice and spandex-clad stage-humping to songs that reach out and clench you in the balls, (well, not my balls, because I don’t have them) Les Savy Fav just does it for me.

Sometimes, they’re cynical [‘these kids will kill you just because they can; their teeth are bleached and their tits are tanned’]. Other times, they’re sexual [‘you made me shake, you made me shiver, you made me gasp when you grasped my whithers’]. But they always cut through the bullshit [‘how many souls you dismissed so you can get on a list’]  They disseminate sonic awesomeness that kicks you in the teeth.

The last time they were in L.A. was January 2011.  They’re due.  So, I want to know…what’s it going to take to make these former Brooklyn art dudes leave the confines of their borough and venture back to the land of Bentleys and Brazilian blowouts?  We have hipster kids in flannel who chain smoke American Spirits.  We have galleries that would feature Tim’s playful drawings. All I’m saying is…Frenchkiss Records, make it happen, si vous plait.

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