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Listen Up: Passion Pit’s “Carried Away”

Catchy song. Clever video. Cool style. (I especially love Sophia Bush’s charming 60s dresses!) All in an homage to intense, chaotic relationships.

Tomorrow: Summer Kick-Off Party at Down and Out

Put on your banana hammock and apply your SPF liberally: Summer’s officially here!  And there’s no better way to celebrate (or mourn–if you’re a Debbie Downer) than to get your indie on at Down & Out.  Catch four LA artists/bands, including Johanna Chase, The Never Never, Peachy Keene and Lovers Drugs for nothing more than the lint in your pocket.  I’m DJ-ing […]

Hipsters, Are You Ready?

Here it is–a “leak” of the 2013 Coachella line-up, according to Funny or Die. (Personally, I think 138 miles is bit of a haul for Regrettable Decisions.)

Listen Up: Jucifer’s “The Lambs, Pt. 1”

A handful of people in L.A. listen to 88.9 KXLU, which is broadcast from Loyola Marymount University and operated by students, faculty and volunteer staff.  But more should listen, on account of the fact that they play an eclectic mix of stellar indie, rock, electronica, punk and hip-hop–much of which is yet to be discovered. […]

Listen Up: 2:54’s “Scarlet”

There’s just something about this spellbinding, lethargic track from London’s 2:54.  Sisters Colette and Hannah Thurlow unknowingly foretell its impact with their moody lyrics, ‘Love, she said. It’s all I hear in my head’–because this song haunts you long after your first listen.  Find it and other heady melodies on their full-length self-titled debut, which […]

Listen Up: Prinzhorn Dance School

This beguiling, evocative song is from Prinzhorn Dance School‘s five-song EP, available at iTunes on April 10, 2012.  Listen to it once, and it’ll get stuck in your head.  In a good way.

Listen Up: Les Savy Fav

From Tim Harrington’s sandpaper voice and spandex-clad stage-humping to songs that reach out and clench you in the balls, (well, not my balls, because I don’t have them) Les Savy Fav just does it for me. Sometimes, they’re cynical [‘these kids will kill you just because they can; their teeth are bleached and their tits […]