Reason #7 Why I Miss Having Cable: Brickleberry

Brickleberry is a new animated series that premieres this Tuesday, September 25th, on Comedy Central.  It centers around a crew of dysfunctional forest rangers who work at a second-rate national park that might be shutting down, unless a new ranger can inspire them to save it. Daniel Tosh (Tosh.O) produced the show and is also […]

15 Ways to Celebrate Labor Day When You’re Unemployed

A three-day holiday weekend is a welcome reward, especially when you’re unemployed.  All of that sitting around can be exhausting! Just because you are currently between jobs doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate like the rest of the working class. So, get out there and enjoy it. You deserve it. And in case you are at […]

Romance, Bloodshed and Evil, Exploding Birds

If you like horror films that are so bad they’re good, you’ll love this… The official trailer for Birdemic 2: The Resurrection, written and directed by the Master of Romantic Thrillers™ James Nguyen (yes, he trademarked that), can now be viewed exclusively here on imdb.com In this sequel to cult favorite Birdemic: Shock and Terror, […]

How I Celebrated Shark Week

Holy mackerel, what a week!  Every news and pop culture site I perused had a story about The Discovery Channel’s Shark Week.  Friends posted about it on Facebook. Twitter was abuzz with Shark Week tweets. People were hosting Shark Week 25th Anniversary parties. It even found its way onto Pinterest.  Apparently, last week promised to […]

Because It’s Will Ferrell’s Birthday

Will Ferrell makes me poop in my pants. That’s how funny I think he is. From his SNL impressions of George Bush, Robert Goulet and Alex Trebek to his classic roles as Frank “The Tank” in Old School, Ron Burgundy in Anchorman and many more, he consistently exponentiates the laughs in everything he touches—no matter how […]

One Night In Montebello

On Monday night, I had some time to kill in Montebello, California. Despite its numerous taco joints, I opted to hang out at a strip mall coffee shop with free Wi-Fi called The Daily Brew. I swung open The Daily Brew’s heavy glass door and was instantly mauled by a shaky voice. I looked to […]

Jack McBrayer: The Mayor of Simpleton

‘What if there was a black bar on the lower half of your TV screen that kept you from seeing bad things—like nudity…or soccer?’ With his gummy smile, slight southern accent and guileless persona, Jack McBrayer is an unsung hero of hilarity. He steals every scene he’s in, no matter how small the role.  Optimistic […]