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Reason #7 Why I Miss Having Cable: Brickleberry

Brickleberry is a new animated series that premieres this Tuesday, September 25th, on Comedy Central.  It centers around a crew of dysfunctional forest rangers who work at a second-rate national park that might be shutting down, unless a new ranger can inspire them to save it. Daniel Tosh (Tosh.O) produced the show and is also the voice of an irreverent talking house bear, Malloy. Additionally, the show features It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’s Kaitlin Olsen as the voice for the newest park ranger—Ethel Anderson, a raging alcoholic with questionable morals. Other rangers include a manly woman, Connie Cunaman (voiced by show creator Roger Black), whose vagina growls like a grizzly when she’s excited. Then, there’s Denzel (Jerry Minor from Eastbound & Down), the African-American ranger who isn’t afraid of the woods and Steve (Dave Herman) who is Ranger of the Month. The oldest ranger, Woody Johnson (Tom Kenny, who also did the voice of Spongebob Squarepants) has a military background and a childhood that was above average in the scarred-for-life department.

Will this show be irreverent?  Does a bear sh*t in the woods?  Like everything else Tosh touches, the jokes will tread heavily into the gutter—from Woody’s response to the Malloy’s location (‘Oh, he’s like my dead wife—in the woods somewhere’) to Denzel expressing his love for geriatric ladies (‘I’ve been in more white women than osteoporosis’).  I think the tagline, “Nature Is Filthy,” says it all.

Note: To those with cable, I envy you.

Here’s a clip from the first episode:

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