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You Had Me At ‘Special Sauce’

You may find this a little heartbreaking, but I had never had a Big Mac until about four months ago. I’m not sure why it had taken me this long to try one. The fact that it’s not the healthiest menu item probably had lot to do with it. Still, you’d think at least one long night of vodka-swilling would have led me to the Golden Arches. Nope.

After being convinced that my Big Mac-less existence was horribly tragic, I finally tried one. Of course, my foray into this palatable pleasure nestled between two seeded buns equaled instant infatuation. Sure, I could blame it on the divine complexity of room-temperature iceberg lettuce and warm questionable beef patties. But really, it was all about special sauce. What makes it so special? Crack.

You could probably put this special sauce on anything, and it would transform it into something amazing. But seriously, what the hell is in it?? As part of a PR campaign for McDonald’s Canada designed to convince people that McDonald’s meals are just as good as something you’d make at home, they released the video below that reveals the secret of the sauce, as well as the rest of the burger. The clip features McDonald’s Executive Chef [sounds like an oxymoron] Dan Coudreaut making a homemade Big Mac, from start to finish. So now, you, too, can experience Big Mac bliss without having to leave your apartment. Note: If you miss the experience of being inside McD’s restaurant, perhaps you can convince a loved one to dress up as Grimace.  

One comment on “You Had Me At ‘Special Sauce’

  1. Why, 9 times out of 10, is secret sauce just some version of thousand islands?

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