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The Metal Epithet

The Whisky A Go-Go is currently looking for metal bands to book. Granted, this is probably a “pay -to-play” sort of deal–which is unfortunate for the band.  But this nugget of information made me think of how awesome it would it be to come up with a name for a metal band.  Imagine…Satan’s Minions, Hate-Fuck, Malicious Death, Sacrificial Goat, Muted Hole, Corroded Corpse. (Some of these may actually be names of real bands.)   Even if you could barely play, you’d still sound bad-ass. Of course, if you suck…that sucks.

So, while I was thinking of metal band names, I wondered if there was an online metal band name generator.  There is.  It’s also available as a .99 iTunes app.  And while it’s not completely horrible, I think someone should devise a universal formula [disclaimer:  it may not always work] to generate names.  Perhaps, you take a synonym for evil and add a creature you’re afraid of to create your name–i.e. Revolting Cobra

I will work on this and get back to you.

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