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Tomorrow: Summer Kick-Off Party at Down and Out

Put on your banana hammock and apply your SPF liberally: Summer’s officially here!  And there’s no better way to celebrate (or mourn–if you’re a Debbie Downer) than to get your indie on at Down & Out.  Catch four LA artists/bands, including Johanna Chase, The Never Never, Peachy Keene and Lovers Drugs for nothing more than the lint in your pocket.  I’m DJ-ing […]

Because It’s Curtis Mayfield’s Birthday…

Curtis Mayfield was a socially-conscious pioneer of funk who spread messages of hope to the African-American community through his music.  Because of his prowess for composing impeccable soundtracks, he was tapped to write tracks for his lady-friends Gladys Knight and Aretha Franklin, as well.  Unfortunately, he passed away too soon before he could contribute more […]

Listen Up: The National’s “The Rains of Castamere”

This hauntingly beautiful song from the HBO series Game of Thrones recounts the obliteration of the House Reyne by the leige lord’s son Tywan.